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Thank you very much for visiting my page! I am a primary school teacher as well as a mum of two and now a self-published children’s author. I love writing fun children’s books with an element of magic and fantasy. I began making up stories to tell my son at night so that he would fall asleep and have lovely dreams and I hope this will work on your child too.
My first book, Bubble Burps, is about a boy who eats anything and everything until one day he begins to burp bubbles! This idea came to me one sleep-deprived night when my first child was still a baby but it took me a few years of procrastination before I finally wrote and illustrated it. After all that, my son read it once and didn’t like it! He is now six years old and has decided it’s not that bad after all so there’s a review for you. In fact, he even recently took a copy in for Show and Tell so it must have grown on him!
I am currently working on my second book: a funny chapter book about a boy who finds he can magically turn into the headteacher of his school and all the crazy decisions he makes. I haven’t thought of a title yet so any suggestions are welcome! Also in progress are a couple of books that I plan to turn into series: Taylor Drake’s Magic Cakes, a story of a boy with a magic oven so that each cake he makes gives him a magical power for a short while; and also a series called Sweetieland where everything is made out of… yes,  sweets and chocolates!
I will also be blogging on this site about teaching, parenting and writing. If any of this interests you, maybe you have young children or nieces and nephews, or are a teacher as well, then you can also visit and/or follow my Amazon author page or you can follow me by clicking on the social media links below my picture.
Thanks again for visiting my page.




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