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Bubble Burps Front Cover.jpg

"What's wrong?" his mother asked him, a look of worry on her face.
"I'm burping bubbles, Mum," he cried, "I feel so out of place!"

What would it be like if you could burp bubbles?

Alfie Moore knows! He eats all kinds of weird and wonderful items in this colourful picture book. Find out how he solves this problem - and another one to boot! Perfect for children aged 0 - 6 years. 

Contains the free bonus book Why is Everyone Wearing Masks? released in 2020 to support children with the introduction of masks in the UK in the fight against COVID-19 (details below).

Bubble Burps

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Rainbow Masks.jpg

Why is Everyone Wearing Masks?

During COVID-19 my son was three years old and I was worried that he might be scared when the government made the decision to ask everyone to wear masks in public spaces. Since I was already writing and illustrating Bubble Burps, I created a short story to help explain what was happening. This story has a little superhero theme to help ease children's nerves. 

It made the local news! I was featured in the newspaper and on BBC Radio Tees. More information can be found on this on my News and Events page. 

It was made available for free and the link is below. Since I had been asked if it was going to be published, I decided to add it to the end of Bubble Burps as a reminder of what we all went through during the pandemic. 

Upcoming Books


Untitled as of yet!

I am currently working on a chapter book for around 6 to 10-year-olds about a boy who discovers he is able to turn into the headteacher of his school! 


So far I am just over halfway with the writing of this one so I will keep using all my free time to complete more chapters. My son is test reading it for me and so far, so good. He will be very honest with me if not so I feel like the quality control department is doing a good job! 


If you would like to know when this book is published then please subscribe by clicking the link below. 


Taylor Drake's Magic Cakes

This one is all written and ready to be illustrated. 

This book is about a boy who finds out he has a magic oven: each time he bakes a cake it gives him a magical power that lasts for a short while. This  will eventually become a series with a different cake (including the recipe so you can try it with your little ones at home and see if you also become magical!) and a different power each time. Again, if you would like to be informed of the publish date then please subscribe below. 

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